Wow! A decade of design and development of WordPress sites. When Emmanuel and myself came up with the idea of Happy2Host in the back of an IT lesson, we didn’t realise the potential and growth behind what we had built out of what was simply a passion.

Like all entrepreneurs, our journey had and continues to face plenty of obstacles, but we’ve certainly had good times and have learnt a vast amount along the way. At the early stages of building the business we were brave and took risks, but we struggled hard and battled with the notion of just closing shop a good number of times. The risks we took back then, we certainly wouldn’t take today now that the business is no longer on training wheels, but all of our experiences have promoted our growth and we wouldn’t change a thing.

There have been some really tough times where we questioned whether our efforts were worth the late nights, sacrifices and lack of cash flow. But sticking through the tough times have allowed us to develop a successful web design business.

The websites we created in 2008 are unrecognisable in comparison to the quality of online experiences we create today. We really have committed ourselves to continuous learning and plenty of practice to enable us to reach new levels in our craft and deliver great user-driven websites.

Over the years we’ve has the absolute pleasure of building bespoke WordPress websites for an array of impressive individuals, businesses and brands ranging from the Charity sector to top level Footballers. We continually seek to satisfy all of our customers whatever the challenge.

By no means are we brash and bold thinking we know it all. But if we may, here are a few nuggets of wisdom we’ve found along the way:

– Good business is about good relationships.
– Worrying about it won’t get the job done.
– Fresh air helps with creative thinking.
– Taking a leap of faith. Trying something different can lead to great things.
– Find your brand voice!
– Absorb everything.
– Make a plan.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all our clients past and present that we have worked with over the last 10 years and here is to another 10 years!