HAPPY2HOST™ Launches New Online Experience for Austella

Business News

Apr 03, 2019

We’re proud to announce the launch of Austella, an Ascot based VR and AR giant that helps to unlock the hidden potential within businesses willing to take their marketing up a gear.

We kicked off an ongoing partnership with Austella by revamping their online platform, working alongside the awesome creatives and technical genius’ that the team is comprised of, to build what is now the new and improved Austella.com.

The new website provides detailed insight in to the Austella brand gifting visitors with an array of areas to explore and feast their eyes on. With a strong focus on the exhibition of previous projects and amplifying the ability to inform visitors of their Masterclasses, we created a home full of expression with engaging assets through bold imagery, video and neat interactions.

Driven by WordPress, a bespoke theme was built allowing Austella to work collaboratively between teams and manage the entire website easily via the backend. Populating the website with content to continue serving visitors with the latest in company and VR news and views, has been made easier and has given them the ability to do much more to serve users than before.

Head over to the case study page to view details of this project.