We’re going in and we’re going in RAR’d

We have been listed on the register of the highly recommended agencies (or better knwon as RAR – Recommended Agencies Register). This is not a self-gratifying achievement, rather it is in fact the result of having been rated highly by our amazing clients for the outstanding work the Happy2Host team have delivered for them.

How authentic is our claim?

That’s a good question. Indeed, how can you tell that we are genuinely registered on this platform and have been rated by our own clients? Well, besides that fact that we have our own page on their website, as soon as you meet the criteria of three or more high ratings, they enable your account and make mention of your milestone on Twitter:

Use of their accreditation badge on your website without permission is prohibited by RAR and could end up very messy if found using it under false pretenses.

Get yourself RAR+ recommended

Recommended Agency Register

This tool is incredibly useful and can very much help in acquiring new business and be a considerable factor in helping potential customers decide whether you’re the right business for them – correct, it’s not just for rating digital businesses.

If you’d like to rate us whether past or present, please feel free to do so here.