ASOS’ latest update to their app seems to have sparked the interest of a lot of media outlets and user as it releases what has proved to be an innovative and highly welcomed move.

We’re living in exciting times certainly from a technological standpoint with the surge in growth of the Internet of Things and all things VR. ASOS have become the first company to deliver the next BIG thing where fashion + technology is concerned.

A recent update to the ASOS app revealed to introduction of a catwalk feature which features the use of Augmented Reality. Essentially, users can browse through items as normal and can view the model performing a catwalk of the item in a space around them. Literally. Hold your phone up to an alley way, the app will initiate of process when you’ve selected the position and within seconds the model is modelling the outfit as if they were right there.


Enhancing the experience of viewing items from the usual white room to in your own living room could really help to encourage the feeling of a more intimate and personal interaction.

So far only a 100 items from items branded ‘ASOS Design’ have been have this feature enabled, so you’d have to fish around to find it (or just filter the shirts and look for the pink shirt with flowers).

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