The purchase of goods via your website

Advertising and selling products from your business online is a well established practice in the world of commerce. It’s not just about providing a facility to browse your products. It’s enabling users with access to an online payment system to purchase your products straight from your website. A gateway that connects your shop to consumers right in the comfort of their own homes or on the move.

An eCommerce website will help increase sales and draw awareness to your brand with the aid of advertising through social media outlets. And better yet, we can help you build one.

You might be starting fresh with a new business having developed products that are now ready to be sold or you might already got an online shop, but feel it no longer delivers for one reason or the other. Whatever your story is, an online shop running on a WordPress engine will definitely help in building a thriving brand.




One of the most powerful and commonly used eCommerce frameworks for WordPress is Woocommerce. Our team specialises in the development of online shops with Woocommerce. We’ve put the framework to the test and it has delivered flawlessly for us and our clients.

You’re the shop manager

Manage your shop properly with the various tools available to ensure you don’t have to cut corners to do exactly what you need. From offering discounts via checkout code and putting items on sale to creating conditional discounts that trigger on the users shopping basket having met certain criteria, Woocommerce gives you flexibility to design your shop as you wish.

There are a plethora of tools for you to get your hands on all with the aim of making life easier in what is usually considered a difficult exercise That goes for managing your store from a desktop computer and accessing the back-end from your mobile (Woocommerce admin is responsive too) .

Online shopping has never been easier

We don’t slap on a theme and call it a day. We tailor the experience to sit perfectly within your website, so it’s 100% on brand. Your customers will not have any problems navigating their way through to checkout, where they can then pay securely via your chosen gateway; PayPal or one of the other payment systems available.

Management tools

The tools needed to run a tight ship

  • User accounts management
  • Inventory management
  • Region based P&P
  • Sale management, discounts and criteria based discounts
  • Real-time purchase alerts
  • Responsive control panel

Examples of eCommerce.


Playdot Apparel

Transforming the way users shop online at home and on the go


Long Live-Studios

Moving to a new and improved platform with WordPress eCommerce website

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