Google Analytics

Data driven insights

Google Analytics is an industry standard tool that allows you to measure information pertaining to your website and its visitors. This has become our product of choice because of the very fact that it handles masses of amount of data with ease and allows data to be plucked out very quickly.

This very powerful tool provides useful insights that can help shape the way you deliver content in the future. For instance; you can instantly identify the number of visits you’ve had from the last week/month/year, where in the world the traffic has come from, the ranking of most common platform your site is being viewed from and which campaigns are driving said traffic to your site.


Google Analytics

Your online presence and activity is key to the success of your websites reach. With our experience in the field of user engagement and demystifying analytical data, we can help improve user retention and provide you with access to view and manage your own websites information.

Varied usage

With a wide range of features available, Google Analytics can be used by both beginner and expert level users.

  • Audience information
  • Real-time visitors
  • Google Tag Manager

Advanced tools

Our team of experts can equip you with the skills to measure data yourself.

  • Click-tracking
  • Page statistics
  • Localisation and Technology

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