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    Web Design

    Digital experiences minding your business goals

    In this digital era, the importance of a professionally designed website cannot be ignored. Your website is the medium that connects you and your offering with the world.

    A website is a reflection of your business. Besides your own voice, it is one of the most effective tools you can use to exhibit your brand, professionalism and values. Our team of web designers are not bound by convention.

    We push boundaries with our creative concepts – concepts driven by the accurate details we gather regarding the requirements and needs of your website.

    Here at Happy2host we specialise in WordPress web design. Our home is London, but our reach is global.

    Web design is more than how the UI (user interface aka what you see) looks, it involves the overall structural design of the website too. Besides the visuals, the following play a vital role in increasing user engagement.

    Clear navigation

    People usually avoid websites that are cluttered and make accessibility seem complicated. Our designers place emphasis on creating simple yet beautifully structured websites, so content is easy to find and navigation is easy to understand and is kept to a minimum where possible.

    A consistent interface

    One of the more basic but equally important design principles is uniformity. Our design practice includes ensuring that pages we create remain consistent, so your visitors do not become disoriented with the load of a new page on your website. For example, elements such as the header, footer and navigation will remain in the same place on all pages.

    Have a look at our user experience design service to learn more.

    Authentic Design

    Our designs are true to your brand, we do not recycle old or unused ideas.

    • Concepts developed from a blank canvas
    • Modern design trends
    • Intuitive user-centred designs

    Examples of Web Design.

    Der Bau

    Architectural beauty offline meets functional design online.

    View details

    Playdot Apparel

    Transforming the way users shop online at home and on the go.

    Visit website   View details

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