User Experience Design (UX)

Building what users actually want

Our approach to design comes from an architectural perspective. For us, it’s about taking things right back to basics.

We spend valuable time looking at the type of audience you intend to attract, what kind of things interest them and how we can develop a digital platform that meets all their needs.

User Experience Design

Our approach

We put pen to paper to sketch ideas and concepts through interactive discussions with the client. This is important as it ensures everyone involved has the chance to add valuable input and voice their opinions. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Wireframes and prototyping

From design ideas sketched out through discussions, our UX team use industry standard tools to develop interactive wireframes. These help to visualise the page structures of the website and provides a real sense as to how the pages interlink and the flow of the journeys made to perform specific tasks. One thing to note is that the wireframes we develop are in black and white and only contain placeholders for images.


Our design team focus on the final development of the concepts from a visual perspective. Brand guidelines (if available) are followed meticulously to ensure the design meets the required standards of the business. We deliver an interface that reflects what your website will look like when your site goes live.

The UX Process

Our process has been proven to work with every project we undertake.

  • Workshops and discussions
  • Interactive wireframes
  • Visual application to the final concept

Concept Design

We do not use templates, all our designs are developed from the ground up.

  • Convert wireframes to visuals
  • High quality visuals which helps to convert to code easily

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