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    Ts & Cs

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    Terms and Conditions

    Please read these terms and conditions (“terms”, “terms and conditions”) carefully before using the website (the “service”) operated by Happy2Host (“us”, ‘we”, “our”, “vendor”) provided to you (“customer”, “client”).

    Conditions of Use

    We will provide our services (as listed on our services page) to you, which are subject to the conditions stated below on this page. If you decide to hire Happy2Host to build a website for you, you accept the following conditions. We urge you to read them carefully.

    How we design websites

    We design website visuals (look and feel) from scratch using industry standard software and attain sign-off from the client before proceeding the building the website (development phase). Revisions for designs are agreed in principle. We only commit to building the website once the client is completely satisfied with what has been designed.

    How we build websites

    We build bespoke themes which are utilised by the WordPress content management system. WordPress is an open source application built to enable websites to (1) be managed easily via an intuitive admin backend and (2) display content using themes.

    We install WordPress on the client’s server and upload the theme that we build for the client to use as their website.

    Our bespoke themes are tailored to the client’s needs. We do not copy styles from our existing client’s, repurpose pre-made or unused themes or skin themes by other developers.

    Chargeable updates and changes

    During design and development. We obtain sign-off on designs from the client prior to building out the website. Any design changes that come after the development of the website has begun are chargeable, unless agreed in principle.

    Post website launch. Once the website has launched (a website which can be accessed by typing the designated URL into your web browser) and changes are requested, these are deemed as chargeable. Please see below the changes that fall under this category.

    Changes to the structure of the website ie layout of the header, footer or position of items on pages will be considered as website ‘Structural Updates’ as they require us to amend what has already been built and signed off. ‘Structural Updates’ are chargeable.

    ‘Structural Updates’ include and are not limited to;

    – Repositioning elements on any part of any page
    – Creating new templates that require elements to be removed, added or amended in any way
    – Adding or removing features, functionality or any change that requires any form of development work on the website
    – Any change to the website that alters it from its original design

    [Updated June 2020]