The Process

Seven key steps to realising your vision.


The handshake

Fancy a coffee on us or chat on the phone? It's up to you. Whichever you choose, we’ll discuss the project in detail to gain an understanding of what your goals and needs are. We'll also discuss any existing problems too (if you already have a website).

Scope of Work

Once we’re all crystal clear on what’s needed, we'll prepare well-defined document outlining all features required for the website. This will be the contractual agreement between Happy2Host and yourself detailing key deliverables and expectations.

A timeline of milestones and a quote is provided.

The blueprint

We start work on the website architecture - defining how the pages link together. We then look in detail at how each page is laid out using interactive wireframes.

We’ll define journeys that will give the users as easy and as great an experience as possible.

Design studio

It’s more than just pretty pictures and colours. Our design team apply their visual expertise with your input (if you like) to create beautifully unique concepts that are engaging without compromising your brand identity.

Our studio gets pretty load during this process.

Crack some code

Once you’re happy with how the design of the website looks, we’ll hand the visuals over to our development team who work on bringing the website to life and integrate it with the WordPress framework.

Once we’ve committed to development, there's no turning back!

Break the system

It’s time to test and quality check the website. We go through the built pages with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no errors or any flaws in how the site looks and functions. The aim here it to purposely try and break it - so we can fix it early.

We invite you to join us as our tag team partner to break some digital tables.

All systems are GO!

Your WordPres website is now as solid as rock and it’s ready for launch (go live). We hand the website over to the deployment squad to upload your website to your domain.

They’ll ensure the installation is secure and everything is in working order before marking the job as complete.

Do we sound like the right team for you?

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