3 reasons why you need a WordPress website redesign this year


Jan 21, 2018

We have 9 years experience of building bespoke websites for brands, artists, corporations and even public sector organisations.

The beauty of a website comes not only from its visual appearance or a visitors experience. The beauty must also be experienced by the owner of the website too. Yes, I’m talking about you. You’re meant to feel the excitement behind adding new content and experience just how easy it is to do so.

Here are three reasons why you may need to consider a website redesign this year!

1. You’re at the mercy of the infamous ‘web developer that built the website’.

Updating your website should not be a chore; there are many individuals and businesses currently enjoying the easy life of updating their websites themselves. For instance, they might have a dedicated team member who updates the site regularly and believe it or not, doesn’t need to wait a week or two before hearing back from ‘the person who built the website’ to make subtle changes that can in fact be done within hours.

You of course won’t be able to control every element on your site. For instance, any new page template (or layout) will require a developer to build it. If this new template is not part of the initial requirements, it’s normal to expect a charge for having the developer build it. BUT, adding the new page in itself, and applying a pre-existing template should be a job that you can easily handle.

2. Your website is not responsive.

If your website looks exactly the same on mobile as it does desktop, it suggests that you’re website is not optimised for mobile devices. There is a huge implication on businesses and brands that fall under this category. Google doesn’t like websites that offer a poor user experience. A non-mobile ready website will therefore be categorised as such and as a result will lose places in Google’s search ranking, which is of course a very big deal.

If you’re considering converting your website to confirm with mobile technology it’s worth bearing of mind two things:

1. How old your website is. If it has legacy code (built more than 2-3 years ago) and it is not responsive, it may be costly to upgrade your existing website.
2. This may be the opportune moment to create something new for your website. Don’t be afraid to move on to new pastures. It’s not as daunting as you think, well not with us anyway.

3. Your website is a bit dated. A LOT-bit dated.

Many companies do not like change, especially when it comes to digital. This could be for one of many reasons such as; they find creating digital content daunting or they don’t think there’s any viable reason for the expense.

If you’re considering a website redesign or fancy finding out more, visit our portfolio to view our past work and get in contact to see how we can help you develop a bespoke web experience for your visitors, and for you!