5 reasons why WordPress is right for your business or brand website

WordPress has developed exponentially over the years. In other words, not only has it been growing more popular on a yearly basis, but the rate at which it grows has been and still continues to increase with each year that comes..

My point is is that time has completely transformed the way WordPress is used as an online solution. Not too long ago was it considered strictly a blogging platform, working in the shadows of the almighty content management system (CMS) that was Joomla. Today, WordPress has truly imparted the David and Goliath treatment on its rival (just look at the Twitter numbers.. WordPress boasts just under 600k followers while Joomla, given they joined Twitter two years later, is yet to reach its first 100k follows).

We’ve used WordPress to deliver websites for all of our clients ranging from secondary schools to entertainment to charities.

1. BIG brands trust it, that’s a big deal.

It’s a very big deal. I’m telling you to trust a content management system that the likes of Tech Crunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News and Beyonce (to name but a few of many) actually use to power their official websites. I must make clear that though they use their own instance of WordPress, the themes applied are completely different. A theme is the layer of WordPress that the user sees when they visit these websites. The aforementioned companies/individuals have hired web design agencies to design and develop a theme for their brand or company hence why they are worlds apart in appearance and functionality.

Believe what you see. WordPress is a robust and an incredibly reliable platform. And, it’s not just for the big brands. If you’re in need of website and want to use WordPress as the driving force, then by all means explore and decide for yourself whether it is a viable solution. I’d put my money on it being so.

2. *You’re in 100 percent control. 100. Percent.

As stated before, WordPress is a CMS. What this means is administrators/designated web managers can easily manage content across the website. How easy it is depends on how knowledgeable your chosen web developer is with the WordPress engine. It’s not as easy as injecting a load plugins in to the system and hoping for the best. Tricky manipulation of code and technical know-how are required to deliver that best interface for the administrative users.

You will only really need a developer to make changes when you’re referring to the structure of the site (building new page layouts and modifying the positioning of existing ones), but otherwise, the ball is in your court.

*100 percent refers to the amount of control a website owner has when their WordPress site is built by Happy2Host.

3. Powerful, scalable, just awesome.

A WordPress site can be built for any purpose. There’s a huge wealth of plugins available to provide that basis of your site whether its an online shop, a social networking hub, a portfolio of some sort, an artists website, you name it. Used properly, one can deliver a website that breaks typical web practice and exemplify the full extent of WordPress’ abilities.

Once a website is built, it can easily be built upon to extend its functionality and remain relevant. Provided it is future proof and does not become outdated in its visual appearance

4. It does what you need it to do and more.

As an open-source software, the possibilities are endless. Developers on a global scale are bumping their heads together on the advancement of new features and plugins that can extend the use of WordPress. You are not at all limited to just displaying content, there are many ways in which you can make your site engaging, even if you have an original idea.

5. Say no to monthly subscriptions and clones

Unlike template builders that require you to sign up to monthly subscriptions, having a website built for your business or brand means that you commit to an agreed fee and at the end of the project you become the owner of all intellectual property.

While you might appear to be that you’re paying a lot more for a bespoke solution, you can also trust that you’re getting what you’re business is worth and that your site will not be a clone of another companies website. Don’t forger that with template builders, you may have a selection of 1000’s of themes, but guaranteed there will be at least one other company using your theme with perhaps a few colour changes here and there.