Do I really need a website in this day and age?

I’ve been asked this question many times, so I thought I’d take a moment to address this and defend who I can by shattering to thousand pieces the idea that there’s no room for websites in this digital age.

With the wealth of social media that’s available and the ease at which a person can access their favourite artist, actor, footballer or brand (to name a few), it’s no wonder that people are beginning to question the need of their own dedicated online platform.

Indeed, if I wanted to know what Idris Elba was up to, I could simply bong in his name with the suffix of a popular social network in to a search engine and voila, a stream of links of his online activity via that social platform becomes instantly available. Besides, he’s probably thinking, ‘if people want to find me, they’ll find me, I’m a big deal..’, OK, maybe not in such as narcissistic way.

So, again you ask, do I really need a website?

Well friends, the answer quite simply put is yes, you really do.

Keep social network social.

An investor or potential business opportunist isn’t going to @ you on Twitter or DM you on Instagram, they’ll most likely search for your website to reach out to you. And then having now learnt more about you and been given a glance into your brand, will make a conscious decision on how to act. If their interaction with you is limited to reading musings of a less professional nature, then you will have definitely made it an easy decision for them.

Exclusively you

Don’t be forced to:
– use a template to exhibit your brand. Decorating your header with a background image and adding a profile picture (although a must-have from a social media front) will not help you attract real business.
– share your content space with others OR make it easy to be drawn away from the main focus which is of course your brand. Thats what social networks do for your business. They allow others to creep in.

– Be selfish, you’re allowed. A website is a platform that can massively help you deliver your brand/message. You are most certainly not limited to decorating a few links with a splash of colour, or add a profile picture and header. You don’t have to worry about being forced to advertise a company or anything that’s not yours – its actually a choice.
– Stand out amongst the crowd. With the vast amount of web-technology available, you don’t have to follow the masses or conform to the standard looking website. If you have an idea of how you want to display a website, then go for it. Our User experience team can certainly help to deliver something totally unorthodox.


This is not to say that the various social media platforms are not reliable in terms of authenticity, verified marks are there to help distinguish the real from the faux, but behind every good brand stands a well-built website. A website detailing information specific to your business with an archive of past/current news or a portfolio showcasing your work, your music or videos, a hall of fame highlighting your recognition, an online shop consisting of all your products without that hassle of monthly fees – all of this and more helps users to build a profile about and trust your brand.

The round up

Let people see the professional side of you first, then of course there’s no harm in them delving deep in to the fun side or perhaps becoming exposed to the ‘wild’ side of your brand or even tapping into the mind of a key player from within the business.