So what’s the difference between UX and UI?


Sep 14, 2018

The difference between UX and UI

When it comes to design, there’s an infinite number of aliases one could label themselves. Recruiters are partly to blame for the wealth of job titles found in the creative pool – half of which are not even real by definition. But what’s worse is that UX specialists adorn their CV’s with these titles. Take “UX developer” for example. Let’s break it down and see what this implies. UX is short for User Experience and a developer is someone who practices the art of development or coding. One cannot find a UX Developer, a person who codes user experiences.

It’s very possible that you will find a UI UX designer with UI designer skills or vice versa. It’s also very possible that you’ll find a UX or UI designer the can crack some code, but a ‘UX developer’ I’m afraid not.

So what’s the difference?

A UX designer best describes the profession of a person that delivers the artefacts of a website ie, solutions based on investigative work and research into the target demographic, active competitors and the clients own brand. They deliver the page structures at a very high level (via sketches or purpose built software), they produce iterations of user journey’s looking at the various scenarios. The UX designer does not look at how to beautify pages of a website as a UI designer does, they attempt to beautify the website by making it pleasant physically to use.

A UI (user interface) designer takes the wireframes developed by the UX designer and applies the visual detail to it. The UI designer, put simply, adds the colour, fonts and style, corrects the margins etc. They are responsible for presenting the design as it would look when it appears on a website or kiosk (the final look if you will) in the real world.

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