How to get verified on Twitter

Jan 08, 2018

Many have pondered and wondered about what it takes for the not so public eye companies and individuals to gain that significantly small blue tick that ironically carries much weight in value. Holding a verified status implies that you are the authentic person/company behind the account named or that you've been recognised as a key contributor to the industry that you're in. That's not to say that because you're not verified you're not of any importance, not at all, but I guess there are other factors that these social network platforms consider before branding users with the mark. We're working on our brand to get to that stage, afterall, which company would say no to being recognised for the value of their service? Previously, the good guys at Twitter pre-selected whom they would verify, but recently they've taken a huge step by making available an online form where you can actually apply for said status. There is some criteria a company/users profile must meet in order to be considered, but the crux of your application lies in your argument as to why you think you should be verified. OK, enough jibber jabber. Where can I apply? To discover to whether you're elegible for verification, click here to begin the process on Twitters website. You must be logged in with the account you wish to verify.