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    Pushing the boundaries of VR and AR with a new online platform.

    The Story

    Austella is a company amongst the leading brands for VR and AR development having delivered products catering for small companies to big brands including the likes of Michelin Tyres and Mercedes Benz to name a few.

    Our Approach

    We partnered up with the Ascot based team to revamp their website. They were heavily restricted by their .com and as a result were unable to offer the benefit of allowing their visitors to explore the depths of their projects. This was a flaw amongst other issues that come packaged with the use of a pre-built theme.

    A bespoke WordPress website redesign was on the cards with their desire for us to place a strong focus on; providing a clean and sleek interface reflective of the ever-evolving team and enhancing user engagement through new capabilities.

    The website is now distinctly Austella; bold, energetic and futuristic.

    Work Delivered:

    •  Bespoke theme development
    •  UX/UI Design
    •  Price indicator
    •  Video content
    •  Project insights

    Product lead story-tellling

    VR isn’t just about the end-product at Austella. A lot of effort and attention is poured unsparingly into piecing the puzzle together. We were given a demo of what each project entailed and immediately recognised how powerful their stories could be if told with the right voice.
    Project pages infused with content, rich imagery and a view to the final delivery were introduced to help construct the project journey.

    Connecting users with the right service

    Austella is built on a foundation that includes being transparent with potential customers. As such, it was their vision to ensure that visitors were clear on the output of their investment in Austella services. A non-pressured interactive way to see what can fit within company budgets too.

    Content hierarchy

    Being able to educate audiences about the power of VR technology was must-have for the Austella team. As such, they wanted to include the Masterclass (as a priority service) in a way that’s attractive and non-obtrusive to encourage users to delve in and discover more about the class.

    Utilising technology to provide an enjoyable experience through user interactions

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