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    D N May Sports Management

    A rebrand to push the sports agency to the forefront of their game.

    The Story

    D N May Sports are a sports management company based in the heart of Manchester. Their roster includes Premier League forward, Marcus Rashford and Everton Women’s starlet Chaney Boye-hlorkah amongst others.

    Having seen the work we delivered previously, specifically within the sports industry, D N May Sports expressed an interest in using our services to build a new website for their team. We suggested they explore the opportunity of a rebrand too as we felt the existing image portrayed by the company did not reflect the strong position that they were in in the industry.

    Our Approach

    We lead the project with a discovery process where we sought to understand for the strengths and weaknesses of the existing design language, but after in depth discussions with the marketing and management, it became apparent that D N May Sports needed to rediscover brand.

    Work Delivered:

    •  Branding
    •  Logo design
    •  Web development
    •  Social media content

    Real business definition

    One of the obvious places to start was with the company strap line. We transformed “We’re all about growth and elevation” to “Your future, your growth, your elevation”. By simply changing two words, we were able to quickly establish the essence of the company while eliminating the redundancy.

    Logo Design

    Our focus was then turned to the logo. The existing logo was very bold and quite heavy. We immediately knew that it needed to be taken down a notch to fit in with the brand development we were in the process of rebuilding.

    We really wanted to emphasise the visual identity of using a goal as this was certainly one of the stronger assets we defined as being representative of the brand – the goal – the target – a destination.

    Web Development

    We worked closely with the various teams at D N May Sports to understand the inner workings and of the company and built a profile for each segment, which helped provide insight to drive structure of the website. From the content through to structural design, we ensured we had the digital strategy defined in order to help inform design decisions.

    The previous website had a very strong focus on Marcus Rashford, it was akin to a fan site dedicated on United’s number 10. We took the opportunity to rewrite the narrative for the company. This was achieved by in on the company’s focus and business strategy without the name-dropping. With the correct steer on how to communicate their content, their clients now took the appropriate form as partners and not as trophies as previously.

    A web solution that brings the company services to the forefront of their online presence.

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