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    Harnaam Kaur

    A bold one-page platform for a body positive warrior

    The Story

    Harnaam Kaur is a bold, fierce body activist with a passion for celebrating self-worth by transforming how people see themselves and teaching them to embrace their differences. As a bearded lady herself, Harnaam has been through the difficult times, overcome her personal battles to become a source of inspiration for a multitude of people across the world.

    The success of Harnaam’s campaign has seen her featured on platforms such as Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, TEDx and Channel 5’s ‘House of Extraordinary People’.

    Our Approach

    Harnaam required a website that clean, but bold. It needed to reflect her brand image and become the number one spot for everything Harnaam Kaur. We were up for the challenge.

    We sought to further understand Harnaam’s brand and define the strategy of which would become the visual pillars of her digital assets.

    Work Delivered:

    •  Single-paged website
    •  WordPress Development
    •  Contact form

    User Experience

    To help realise Harnaam’s vision, we dove in to her brand and began the exploration of various solutions.

    We hosted a session to a look at the content across Harnaam’s digital + marketing teams and to identify a suitable site structure. Acquiring this information enabled our designers to create informed and meaningful layouts.

    A resolute single-paged solution. Content driven and easy to navigate.

    Insights from the UX took our design strategy down the path of crafting a one-page website for Harnaam Kaur. From landing on the website to working your way down to the content, we curated an experience that provides a window into Harnaam Kaur’s brand.

    Bold titles throughout the page helps the user to identify the various segments of the page making for easy reading.

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