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Award-winning Personal Trainer

The Story

Hendrick Famutimi is an Award-winning PT and operates under the name HF Personal Trainer. He provides a bespoke personal training service to his clients, not only from a physical and mental standpoint, but also honing in on the individuals dietary make-up based on various of factors.

His unique approach has seen him featured in the Evening Standard, giving advice on how to stay in shape. His work is evident in the transformations is clients have gone through – not to mention that he himself is built like ‘Superman’.


Work delivered:

  • UX/UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Development

The Solution

We were hired by Hendrick to build a website that exhibits the various facets of his services and demonstrates his capabilities and actual transformational results of his clients.

The previous instalment of his website no longer served its purpose. Knowing this, our user-experience team dove deep in to the brand to discover what was needed from a perspective that would not only satisfy his website visitors now, but would also cater for his business on a long-term basis.

The platform that was developed met the above criteria and delivers the content he deemed as necessary to retaining old and sourcing new business.

The WordPress-driven content management system allows Hendrick to easily update content whenever needed – blog posts and gallery images are what is pertinent to what he does, so making this as accessible as possible was our number one focus.

Project Visuals

HF Personal Trainer
HF Personal Trainer
HF Personal Trainer
HF Personal Trainer
HF Personal Trainer

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