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    Long Live-Studios

    Moving to a new and improved platform with WordPress eCommerce website

    The Story

    Long Live-Studios is a clothing brand lead by Kenny Annan-Jonathan and Wilfried Zaha. Two individuals with a vision that brought them together to create a brand that would convey their own unique message.

    Our Approach

    The company were previously with an online website builder and while this suited their needs as a means of getting online and building a following, they felt it was time to invest properly in to a website. A blank canvas and 100% control in terms of the visual appearance of their website was what they were after. The team wanted a platform that was built on WordPress with a WooCommerce + Stripe enabled shop to manage online purchases, so they came to us.

    Work Delivered:

    •  UX/UI Design
    •  eCommerce
    •  Responsive development

    Partners in creativity

    We collaborated with their in-house graphics design to create a concept that would truly take the brand forward. With their eye for the brand and our experience with design for the web, we were able to create a truly beautiful interface that captures the essence of what Long Live stands for. The great thing about working with their team is that there were no clashes; the partnership worked seamlessly in creating a product that works.

    A branded experience to enable users to find comfort in shopping online.

    Improved user Experience

    As a result of the website redesign, users:

    – have spent more time looking on the website looking at and digesting content as well as the shop items
    – experience a shorter and much simpler checkout process
    – are given a window in to the brand where they can organically find their way around

    The Long Live-Studios team are able to keep track of their sales and other features through the WooCommerce app – a very handy tool especially when managing sales on the go.

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