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    Raheem Sterling

    One-page website for the Manchester City's number 7.

    The Story

    Since his move to City, Raheem Sterling has been an amazing talent to behold. Having worked tirelessly to prove to the critics his worth and eventually finding his rightful place in the squad becoming one of Manchester City’s star players, his management (Colossal Sports) approached us to build a website. Its purpose; to drive traffic to his social networks and provide a platform for business/sponsorship opportunities.

    Our Approach

    Centred around Raheem’s speed and balling style, we wanted to ensure the storytelling of the site provided as simple a browsing experience as possible. We were afforded the platform to enhance content delivery as we were building, what without the ‘bells and whistles’ was a relatively straight forward website.

    Work Delivered:

    •  UX/UI design
    •  Animation
    •  Social network integration
    •  Logo design

    Logo Design

    We developed a logo for Raheem Sterling that encapsulates Raheem’s brand image. Much like his website, we needed to create an asset that would represent him and his brand. Would be used for his social media and campaigns with big brands including behind the scenes video content with H&M.

    Web development

    The website consists of rich media as well as some playful content animations. We took the opportunity to build in an introduction to the website where after a couple of strong visuals the content transitions into place.

    “Stand for something or fall for anything”

    A platform with a voice

    With the myriad of problems surrounding beautiful game, racism is very much up there. Raheem has been known to be vocal in this area, speaking in volumes and taking a stance in efforts to tackle this issue.

    We wanted to ensure Raheem had the means to showcase his partnerships with brands that also want to see change.

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