SSLP | Southwark Schools Learning Partnersip

The managing partners of the Southwark Schools network.

The Story

The Southwark Schools Learning Partnership is a collaboration of schools, colleges and others academic institutes in the London Borough of Southwark.

It was decided that more emphasis was to be placed on the image of the partnership, and one place was lacking serious attention was the brand itself.


Work delivered:

  • Logo design

The Solution

Brand Identity

We saw an opportunity to take a deep dive into the meaning of the conglomerate of schools and were able to visually define what it meant to be a part of the partnership, and how the individual partners play a part in forming the overall body.

After a number of rounds of conceptualising and ideation, we developed a uniquely multi-faceted logo. The design is made up of several partitions (representing the partners) which together form a shape of which its edges are joined to form a hexagon (togetherness and strength).

Southwark Schools Learning Partnership Logo

Project Visuals

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