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    Wilfried Zaha

    A digital experience for CPFC's star player.

    The Story

    Wilfried Zaha is a professional footballer who currently plays in the Premier League.

    Having maintained a strong profile and decorated career with stints at Cardiff City and Manchester United, Zaha, now at Crystal Palace has forged his way to the unforgiving spotlight, which regularly shines upon him as one of their most important and talented strikers.

    Our Approach

    We partnered with The Mailroom – a consulting agency with a focus on sporting personalities. We worked closely with the brand management to build what will become the visual pillars for Zaha’s online marketing materials.

    It was time to push his brand to the limit with website that would act as a hub of discovery for everything about Zaha, from media content to his foundation. The previous instalment of his website was template based – the redesign called for a bespoke treatment to his website.

    Work Delivered:

    •  UX/UI design
    •  WordPress web development
    •  Art direction

    Discovery + UX

    Bringing content to the forefront of design

    From the outset, being able to take action on content from the home page that takes you deeper in to the site was the driving factor behind our conceptual thinking.

    We sought to construct a design that would not only serve content, but also utilise web technology for its delivery. In doing so, we provided some interaction guidance for our developers to have some fun with.

    Impactful design

    We opted for a content-driven layout to bring out more of the brand experience. Rather than diving straight in to visuals we spent time understanding the goals, which informed the strategy and how we would approach this from a longevity standpoint.

    Access was provisioned for high quality photos taken of Zaha. This was important for us to deliver the vision for the website.

    By ensuring we stayed on brand with our design execution, we built a solution that fits right into the strategy.


    Expressing design through the use of distinctive interactions

    Our development team took a new approach to delivering the enhanced experiences of the website. From scrolling interactions, to click + dragging and revealing content, we built a platform that provides a change from the norm.

    Our WordPress-driven build ensured that the team could easily manage all areas of the site as well as create new placements for content.

    Specialising in WordPress allows us to confidently create flexible content structures – removing any form of rigidity.

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